Friday, January 07, 2005

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
What do I do now? Babble on like I do in therapy? Enter fffffabulous personal exploits? My only BIG news today is the arrival of my new little Dell printer! Oh, and Maxxxxx is behaving today.

It is cold.

Oh! I did see the Nudie Baseball Play last night (with markosf and friends)! LOTS of penises! (peni?) I think the first one came out fluffed, for the effect. A couple hunky ones. The play? The play has its moments. There is a BIG monologue in the first act which is this beautiful paean to baseball. If I LOVED baseball, it would have meant more to me. The cast (there was NO Jeremy Sisto!!!) was ok to fair. Ironically, I think the biggest queen in the cast was playing the straight guy/narrator. The queen in the play was obviously played by a straight guy, as he overdid it. That character also gets the aforementioned BIG monologue. The nudity was not at all gratuitous, which was nice. The killing at the climax was gratuitous, which sort of spoiled the rest of the play for me. One HUGE 'Tony Moment,' as the murdering pitcher has a M E L T D O W N, was just played like it was THE HUGE Tony Moment! People applauded him as he was dragged off stage, but I didn't. GREAT Set!! Ok lighting. Cool tech stuff including the showers that were downstage! I'd recommend it, but don't expect to LOVE it. If it weren't for the technical problem of the showers (which I imagine the little gay theatres across the country will decide to mime), this thing will pop up at the New Conservatory or Theatre Rhino as soon as rights become available. But I'd hate to see a whole CAST of queens try and do this.

There. How's that?

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