Saturday, January 15, 2005

Scissor Sister Sofa Spud

It's too cold to go out, so I've been EATING up the new Scissor Sisters DVD and The Fifth Element (Ultimate Ediction) DVD.

I saw Scissor Sisters at the Fillmore in October. I think I'm going to have to sit outside the Warfield and SCALP my way in when they're here in two weeks! I LOVE Del Marquis! I dunno why, either... He is not my type, but.. he is so COOL! Oddly enough, with all of the stuff on the dvd, Baby Daddy is revealed to be a pretty... well... femme. When he talks, anyway. While Del is sort of the butch one! Oh, the drummer is straight and interviews about how cool it is that he gets all the girls. Oh. How enlightening. If I can't have Del, I want Ana. There. Is that enough teen age rattling on??

I'm also slowly, carefully and thoroughly devouring "The Fifth Element" in it's new Ultimate Edition release! It has an enormouns amount of information and clips. Why have they kept this from us for so long??!! There is even a section devoted to The Diva Plavalaguna - who I LOVE! (As it turns out, the actress was Besson's 20 year old fiancee at the time.)

Of course, neither of these were received for Christmas, so THAT stack of dvds is still sitting over there. In the Corner. Waiting. (Except for "The Tales of the Unexpected" which was received from damneddonkey and I have started to get through that massive collection of episodes!)

Also, caught up on TiVo: "Creature Comforts" "ABBA The Movie" and "Haiku Tunnel". Ordered "Creature Comforts" from AmazonUK, deleted ABBA and enjoyed, yet never need to see, "Haiku Tunnel" again.

I. Am. A. Sofa. Spud.

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