Thursday, July 28, 2005

More Summer Viewing...

War of the Worlds Visually stunning at it's most ridiculous moments! The 'SUV conversation shot' is amazing, but the situation is so ridiculous that maybe the shot was to distract us from the total improbability of the moment. (I'm trying not to drop spoilers.) Poor Tim Robbins. Well, at least this will help with his kids college funds, I'm sure. Thankfully, I saw this as part of a 'double feature' with:

Wedding Crashers Hm. Well. I did laugh a couple of times. The women are great. Rachel McAdams was truly charming and 'present' and actually grabbed the screen whenever she was on! Jane Seymour? I don't know what she was doing in this, but she gives it her best! Also, Isla Fisher steals every scene she is in! The guys don't fare as well. I LIKE Vince Vaughn, but he is overplaying the 'obnoxious ass with a heart' again. Owen Wilson is a better writer than actor and seems to just think he can walk through these things on charm alone. Christopher Walken needed to make a house payment. The continuity is a mess. There is one wedding montage that was sort of visually exciting to watch, but that was in the first 20 minutes. The rest of the thing was all downhill. I was sort of disappointed.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Doesn't really count as 'summer viewing' as it's been out for MANY months, but my sister was visiting from Denver for a week and I thought this was the perfect little San Francisco summer documentary for her. She liked it. Actually, she wanted to go find them, but we let that moment pass... It's a pleasant enough little flick.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Midnight Mass with Peaches Christ and Peaches' Playhouse) I dragged my sister to this and not only did she remain awake (midnight movie in drag queen time means being out til 3 a.m.), but she really had fun! She didn't think it was as offensive or outrageous as the Peaches' website would lead her to believe. Even if Peaches' Playhouse ended with Peaches being eaten by a giant vagina?? Anyway, the crowd was a bit more over-the-top than normal. It was "Paul Rubens Day", after all. (The anniversary of his arrest in Florida.) This week is the CLASSIC Barbarella, preceded by the even more anticipated Drag Queen Roller Derby!! I. Can't. Wait!

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