Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Chronicles of The Ringer

I walked into "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" with my arms firmly crossed as the whole series punches a parochial school button of mine. However, I actually ended up being thoroughly entertained and didn't sit there trying to re-analyze the Messianic messages that we were taught in school. The four children are actually quite good. But it is Tilda Swinton who stole the picture right from under the children as well as C.S. Lewis! She is every Disney villianess come to life. She is even able to perform beyond the design of her outrageous gowns. I loved her! The effects, mostly by Rythm and Hues, are seamless. It really is an impressive spectacle to see!

I walked into "The Ringer" with my arms open and ready to receive some more Farrelly Brothers sick humor starring Johnny Knoxville posing as a mentally handicapped athelete so he can win the Special Olympics! What I got was a cute movie. I hate cute. The problem? Well, it could have been a 'heel learns to love' story, but Knoxville's character is a conflicted good guy, and therefore never really commits to the sick and offensive humor that is just WAITING there to be had! In fact, it would be hard to pick out the 'bad guy' in this as none of his foes are truly developed into any kind of loathsome creature that a farce like this warrants. And don't get me started with the S L O W pacing. The friend I went with to see this actually dozed off at one point. It's just a silly little movie that's going to vanish off of everybody's radar.

Maxxxxxx's Meter:
The Chronicles of Narnia: "I love you, too!"
The Ringer: "Is it bedtime?"

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