Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Counting Sheep: 8 of them?!

So, I have actually been restraining myself! It's been just over 12 hours without me ranting on about this morning's Oscar nominations. Ok, that's not QUITE true, as I had thrown something together arond 8 this morning and then promptly lost it before saving. It wasn't too coherent anyway.

First, the Happy Dance for Terrance Howard ("Hustle and Flow")! He was fantastic and carried the entire film. The only thing that would have made it better was if one of the woman in the film had been nom'ed in the supporting category. I also can't wait to see how the producers deal with performing the song, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"! Yeah, Debbie Allen, show us!

The second Happy Dance is for William Hurt ("A History of Violence"). He nearly stole that entire film with only a 7 minute scene and an eye roll! Loved him and L O V E D the film!

So. "Brokeback Mountain," which is being regarded as a 'minimalist masterpiece,' gets EIGHT nominations?! That seems like a bit of over hype to me. I LIKED it, but... The noms for "Capote" and "Crash" were a wee bit surprising. "Good Night and Good Luck" received exactly the right nominations! LOVED it! But they all will watch "BBM" sweep past them.

Now, "Munich." I don't even know WHAT it is doing in any of its FIVE categories! Maybe film editing. Maybe. But Spielberg had obviously lost, or at least handed over control of a third of the film to Tony Kushner. As far as I am concerned, it took up the valuable slot that could have been occupied by "A History of Violence." But I will have to take some comfort in that ignoring Cronenberg will only make him more of a cult figure!

"Pride and Prejudice"? Hmmm. It was NICE, but four noms seem a bit over done for something that is NICE. I do think that Kiera Knightley will wear something lovely. I hope. Her nomination occupies Naomi Watts' place for "King Kong" and for that, "P&P" can't be forgiven!

And, I guess so that I can justify my snark, I will have to go see "Walk the Line," which I have less than no interest in. And I need to catch two of the documentaries, if possible. I haven't seen ANY of the foreign language flicks and probably won't get the chance (though I did let "Paradise Now!" pass by).

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