Monday, February 27, 2006

Brunch and The Bee

Sunday was a busy little day. First was brunch with the some of the Northen California PMP Yahoo Group members at a NEW place to me: Momo's, which had an incredible Murphy's Eggs on Corned Beef Hash! Oh YUMMMMM!!! And we had a good time chatting. After that...

A matinee of "The 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee", which was on it's final preview before opening on Wednesday night. I. LOVED. IT!! (Thank you, Judy!) There has been some tweaking to make it locale specific to San Francisco, as well as some current headline inclusions for 'Schwarty's' political screeds (i.e. "She earned a medal in civics, however declined it due to the NSA's wiretapping scandal.") The entire cast was terrific and even the audience participation moments worked better than I imagined it would! (You need to sign up in the lobby before the show to participate. They are then given a good amount of direction by one of the cast members at the 'registration table' after being called on stage.) It is quite apparent why it won the Tony for Best Book of a Musical and the Featured Actor - he's got the BIG Number in the show. I could go on a snark-rant and analyze why this show is so much better than "Lestat", but I would rather NOT dip "...Spelling Bee" in any negativity! This sit-down production in San Francisco is directed by James Lapine and designed by the rest of the Broadway staff, so we are getting not a regional version, but the 'original'! Woo hoo!!! Maxxxxx gives it a "Woooooo!" too!

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