Thursday, June 29, 2006

30th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, aka Frameline 30: Closing Night and Awards

Ok. Yes, this is nearly a week late. Ok. I was 'distracted' by my SPECIAL houseguest who arrived on Day 9, and stayed with me until this afternoon. So. I had a change in priorities!!! SUE ME!!! Or, don't, actually...

So. After attending a fabulous Gay Day Brunch at Chef Tim's and then weaving my way down to the Civic Center for the Pride Festival and meeting up with my SPECIAL houseguest, I spent a bit too much time there, took him to dinner and then eventually wandered back to the Castro where I sold my tix for the Closing Night. Yes. I know. Priorities, I tell you!

However, the Awards were announced via bulletins, etc.:

The Audience Award for Best Feature was given to "The Gymnast"
The Audience Award for Best Documentary was given to "The Believers"
The Audience Award for Best Short Film was given to "Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road"
The juried $10,000 Dockers® First Feature Award was given to "Stray Cats"
The juried $10,000 Michael J. Berg Documentary Award "Cruel and Unusual"

Needless to say, this was yet another year where I did not see a SINGLE WINNER!!! WHAT is up with that?!

MY picks:
Best Feature: "Whispering Moon"
Best Short Film: "Mockingbird"

[Duchess Diane: I am SORRY!! I can't help myself! I LOVED "CremMate Muffy"!! But... "Mockingbird" was a transcendental experience! Forgive me....!]

And now, I get to sleeeeeep...

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Maxxxxx said...

re the SPECIAL houseguest: "Such a pretty bird!"
re Gay Day Brunch: "Breakfast!"
re Awards: "What?!"