Thursday, June 29, 2006

30th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, aka Frameline 30: Day 9

[Yes. I know. This is nearly ONE WEEK LATE!!]

I only made it to a single film on this day:

"FAT GIRLS" (dir Ash Christian 2006 USA 82 min video) Director Ash Christian was 19 when he wrote it, 20 when he filmed it and is now touring it at age 21. It is a REMARKABLE piece of work from someone so young! The writing is concise, the editing is thorough and precise and his overall direction, including his OWN performance, is crisp and never misses a beat! The piece about being a gay high school misfit was a delightful surprise, in the way that it was NOT another "teenage angst coming out" flick, but a much more mature (read 'cynical') look at high school dynamics. Christian and his co-star, Ashley Fink, are able to dominate the screen with thier presence and wit. Jonathan Caouette ("Tarnation") also appears as a ever so gay friendly teacher. In short, the film was a delight, as was the Q&A that followed, which featured a sincere teary little thank you from Mr. Christian! I was able to pop a few questions at Mr. Christian and his producer, Michelle Levy regarding the future of the flick. He announced during Q&A that a "major network" had picked it up to develop into a series. Ms. Levy, outside the theatre, insisted that NOTHING had been signed, sealed and delivered yet as she "wants to make back her money." She also shared some helpful hints as to how to effectively manage music rights.

After snagging those questions after the film, I needed to run to Union Square and meet my SPECIAL houseguest of the week, who would distract me for the rest of the day, the night and 'Closing Night'.

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