Sunday, July 02, 2006

June Was Bustin' Out All Over!

I'm not sure, but perhaps it was the Hawai'i Adventure that 'opened me up' to a month of intense emotional activity. Four days after returning from Hawai'i, I turned around and went back to SFO to be the 'official witness' to the marriage of my Atlanta friends, Rick and Chip in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was a long weekend/short week trip and the actual ceremony itself in the Vancouver Botanic Gardens was lovely, and for my cynical little self, rather touching. (Oh, and lest I forget, the photographer's husband, aka assistant on the shoot, was quite charming and fun to talk to as the boys and the wife were climbing all over the gardens taking shots.)

I returned just in time to witness Leslie Jordan's tour de force "Like a Dog On Linoleum" at the Lorraine Hansbury Theatre. It has proven to be such a success that the run is extended another month! Plus, Jordan has been ALL OVER the city promoting it. Jordan's show appeared in the midst of the SF Indie "Another Hole In The Head" Film Festival. A week long gathering of independent horror, sci-fi and a esoteric psychedelia, which I managed to keep up with, even though I got my first 'official studio dvd review' gig with the releases of "Valley of the Dolls" and "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls". It was around this point that this whole 'blogging review' thing started to become a job.

I was unable to attend the Closing Night of the 'Another Hole in the Head' Festival, due to the opening night of the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, aka Frameline 30, which was on the same day as the press preview of Larry Clark's "Wassup Rockers?". GAWD!!! Basically, there were THREE events overlapping, and I gave up on the Closing Night horror flick, "Feed", as that is available on video from Australia. (It also won the audience award! ack!)

Then, as you may note, I spent the majority of the next ten days watching and blogging Frameline 30. (Oh! There was the press preview of the Jewish Film Festival, which runs in July.) Well, yes, I spent the majority of those days in theaters until the arrival of the out of towners, etc. wholly distracted me from the task at hand. Since I'd been going for a solid 30 days at that point, I figured it was ok to give myself a 'weekend' even if it was at the climax of Frameline 30 and Pride Month and Gay Day and what else...

I then entertained my special houseguest for the rest of the week, which one of my best friends refers to as 'my fantasy Pride Month Date'. Now, there might be more truth to that than not, but we have been keeping in touch over the past weekend. I also plan to visit him in Atlanta next week. (Woo hoo!) Right after dropping him off in Sacramento for work, I proceeded to view and review his debut, also.

To end the month, I helped one of my best friends, Jimmy and Kevin, make their separation final by moving Kevin to a new studio. Jimmy moves next weekend. So, I started the month with a wedding, filled it with festivities, festivals and a 'dream date', and ended it with a divorce.

June was an entire life in a month!

July = Today, an opera. Next week, a week in Atlanta split in two by a week in Edisto Island, S.C., followed by the Jewish Film Festival, with sprinklings of 'Midnight Mass with Peaches Christ' on Saturday nights!

August = My sister visits for a week. A Mini rally. And gawd help me if there is ANOTHER film festival!

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