Monday, December 11, 2006

Red and Green Shout Out!

Just a HUGE thanks to Maya of "The Evening Class" for having hosted a simply lovely and lively holiday gathering of some of the Bay Area's most entertaining cinema writers, commentators and lecturers. It was a broad spectrum (to the point that I can't remember many names! Maybe it was the Bailey's...?) of personalities and perspectives, all of whom respected each other's 'specialties'. Yes, at first, talking about the freelance gay porn p.r. gig was intimidating, but the collection of intellectuals were not only non-condescending, but actually fascinated by the topic, which made me feel all the more welcome!

LOVED it, Maya! LOVED it!!

Also, a HUGE congrats to the remarkable amount of work Maya has accomplished this year!! And a continued best wishes to Brian at "Hell on Frisco Bay" for his phenomenal tracking of the cinema events in the area. He is quickly becoming the touchstone of the online cinemaniac community!

See you at the Indie-Fest, everybody!


Brian said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Jay. Maya is quite the host. I wish I hadn't been a latecomer but I'm glad I got to sample the delicious food and conversation while I was there.

Jay, aka The Angry Little Man said...

It's always cool bumping into you, Brian! One never knows what little nugget is going to shyly pop out! hee hee...

You weren't that late. And I sort of left early. Did I miss the orgy? ;)