Sunday, January 21, 2007

"For the Boys..." Migrates... sort of...

Well, after the fairly positive response to the work I did for Lavender, Mark, aka Sister Zsa-Zsa, offered me space on that blog site, as well as at So, if you're interested in reviews that are more "adult oriented" than Google AdSense approves of, you can wander over to those sites and take a dive!

I'll occasionally continue posting porn reviews here of auspicious note. But for the most part the EIGHT REVIEWS A WEEK that I am aiming to complete for Lavender Lounge/Reel Guys, will feature the good, bad and maybe not so noteworthy vids that I won't clutter up my little 'film fest blog' with here.

The links to those 'other sites' are on the sidebar under:
"Links for the Naughty Adult in You".

Oh, and Maxxxxx isn't allowed to view these in the first place, so he's not missing anything...

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