Thursday, January 18, 2007

SF IndieFest 2007 Preview!

My FAVORITE San Francisco film festival event of the year is just around the corner!

The 9th Annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival or SF IndieFest to its fans, opens February 8th with David Lynch's EAGERLY awaited "Inland Empire" with the producer (aka Lynch's ex-wife), Mary Sweeney present to celebrate the screening, and perhaps pacify the more 'inquisitive' viewers of this 3 hour surreal epic! I. Can't. WAIT!!! This precedes the opening night party at's Porn Palace! Woo hoo!!

The producers of SF IndieFest fete'ed local press with a sneak peek of the program with two screenings: "GREEN MIND, METAL BATS" (dir: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, Japan, 2006, 96 minutes) and "LOL" (dir: Joe Swanberg, USA, 2006, 81 minutes). I will recap/review these two later in the context of the festival itself, as is my M.O. I WILL just say now that I LOVED "LOL"! I definiitely want to see this again! I want a copy of the soundtrack, if not a cd of Kevin Bewersdorf's compositions!

SF IndieFest has proven to be the most filmmaker accessible festival in the city. It is always a joy to approach some of the directors afterwards to express my love for their work (I DON'T do that with the ones I don't like, by the way!), specially during the usual outstanding selection of Short Subjects, where you can catch a gem as it begins it's journey to feature length production. (I'm winking at YOU Danièle Ferraro!)

I'll see you there!

Maxxxxx growls at the prospect of being ignored for another 10 days.

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