Friday, February 16, 2007

SF IndieFest 2007 - Day 8

I am pooped. I am packing for a cross country move, etc., instead of sleeping. So, it seems I caught up with some of that today at the SF IndieFest. I was in the theater for twelve short subjects and one feature. I was awake throughout the feature!

"The Shore" (dir. Dionysius Zervos, 2005, US, 100 mins.) This featured Lesley Ann Warren (who I can never take my eyes off of!) as a grandmother who loses her granddaughter at the beach. Tragedy ensues. It isn't quite at the hysteria level of "In the Bedroom", however there is plenty of ANGST. Ben Gazarra is her husband, and as you may know, he isn't exactly a bundle of joy, either. The film is competently performed and reasonably paced. The cinematography is subtly excellent, as the difference between 'then' and 'now' (as our characters have "Rashamon" moments in trying to figure out what happened to the girl) is beautifully contrasted between the 'joy' and the 'sorrow'. Did I mention how I love Lesley Ann Warren? I'd go see it just for her, regardless of the movie-of-the-week melodrama and the considerable bleakness of the overall tone.

Now, out of the twelve short subjects, three were live action and involved dance music, aka electro, trance, etc. The other nine short subjects were part of the program called "Animation Amalgamation". Of these twelve short subjects, I can only honestly speak to one, as I slept through nearly the entirety of the three programs that made up "Darkbeat: An Electro World Voyage". It was just too detailed. I remember one line from an interview, "With Electro mixed with Miami Dark, you get Detroit electro." Oh. Ok. And there were only a few of the animated shorts that I saw the entirety of, and I only want to address the one I liked.

"Rabbit" (dir. Run Wake, England, 2006, 9 mins.) This was sick and twisted as 'Dick and Jane' decide to release a magic demon from the belly of a live rabbit in the hopes of becoming rich. Visually, this was a hoot! It was a trip!! It was sick and twisted and I loved it!

Maxxxxx re "The Shore": "Ooooo... Cranky bird!"
re "Rabbit": "Sweet, sweet eye juice!"

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