Saturday, April 28, 2007

Atlanta Film Festival - Day 9

The Atlanta Film Festival continues at its 'official venue', the Landmark Midtown Art Cinemas. It was HORROR FLICK DAY for me! Woo hooo!!! Though I originally intended to spend the day, after the six outstanding 'Horror Shorts' and "BLOOD CAR"(!!!), I decided to quit while I was ahead and stop there for the day. So, let's start with the shorts this time, as I LOVED nearly all six!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 YOU" ("Y que cumplas mucho mas") (dir. David Alcalde, Spain, 13 min.) Ooooo... Definitely twisted! Possible child abuse, dismemberments and a really creepy dream sequence! What MORE could you ask for in a horror flick?! OH! A really TWISTED ending! Bwahahahahaaaa! [I MUST get a copy!]

"Hollow" (dir. Paul Bickel, USA, 10 min.) Oh yeah! Mom and son get freaked out after watching a horror flick on TV, and dad's not too happy about it! He's especially pissed off about leaving the Red Door open! Some truly inspired editing, and I'm digging the nightmares in this program of shorts. [I want THIS one too!]

"Litle Lise" (Dir. Benjamin Holmsteen, Denmark, 20 min.) Beautifully filmed in widescreen and wonderfully recorded, the film has some striking images, terrific performances and a HAUNTING ending! Mom is dead from a knife wound, but why is daddy dumping her in a lake? Oh yesssss...

"MEMO" (dir. Christian Simmons, USA, 5 min.) Short and wonderfully designed nightmare of the post-it variety! You can view it online:

"THE HAUNTING OF MATT LEMCHE" (dir. Mort Swindle, Nemo Dally, Canada, 29 min.) Simply, a mockumentary about the haunting of Matt Lemche. However low budget it is, the editing is great and some of the effects are so simple, they are spine tingling! [I want THIS one, too!!!]

"The Last Zombie" (dir. James Murphy, USA, 14 min.) Now, you should know by now that I LOVE zombie flicks! And I loathe CUTE. This is a CUTE zombie flick. ACK!! The last zombie is searching to 'procreate'. It's icky, too.

"Blood Car" (dir. Alex Orr, US, 2006, 75 mins.) It has all the ingredients of an instant B-Flick classic! Even a tag line: "Save Gas, Drive Bloodcar!" It is the near future, "maybe only two weeks from now", and gas is $32.33/gallon. Only the untouchable wealthy can afford to drive a car. So our little vegan kindergarten teacher is devising a machine that runs on wheatgrass juice. That is until he accidentally cuts himself and some blood gets in the mix. In a twisted and nearly inspired mix of "Christine" meets "Little Shop of Horrors", the machine must be fed in order for our hero to get laid! It's cheap (only a $25,000 budget), it's racous, it's bloody and bloodier! I laughed out loud more than a few times and LOVED it! "Toss 'em in!" should be it's battle cry! Oh, the film was made here in Atlanta, which meant that BloodCar itself was present! Woo hoo!

Maxxxxx says
re "Blood Car": "Sweet Sweet Eye Juice!!!"