Saturday, May 05, 2007

Now Playing: "Into Great Silence" and "Boy Culture"

Now playing in Atlanta are a pair of films I saw last year at festivals in San Francisco.

First, "Into Great Silence" ("die grosse stille") (dir. Philip Groening, Germany, 2005, 164 mins.), which I saw at the SFIFF last year and really appreciated and could have LOVED had that annoying old man stopped chomping his gum! As I said, it would be a difficult one to choose to see again. However, I may just do a matinee, where there will be nearly no one and I can meditate with the screen. It is a gorgeously photographed film and the pacing is nearly religious, which at 3 hours means I MUST be in the mood!

Secondly, "BOY CULTURE" (dir Q. Allan Brocka 2006 USA 87 min) which I saw at last year's SF LGBT film fest, aka Frameline 30. I definitely need to give this a second view as I seemed to have liked it, though I can tell it was crammed in the midst of a very busy day at the festival. I do have some prejudice against extensive narration, though. However I still remember loving Patrick Bauchau's performance. Maxxxxx's comment seems to indicate that it was filled with 'pretty'! Also, due to some personal life changes, I think I might have a new perspective. ;)

As a reminder, Maxxxxx said
re "Into Great Silence": "QUIET!!"
re "Boy Culture": "Sweet, sweet eye juice!"

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Maya said...

And just what might that new perspective be, Jay? Bauchau's performance clearly stood out for me, having become a fan of his since Carnavale. The intergenerational interaction rang true and was a refreshing change from twink on twink action.

I was scheduled to interview the team but it all fell apart after the lead actor started getting such bad press at other film festivals for being something of a straight boy diva.