Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hole In The Head 2007 - Day 6 (Preview)

SFIndieFest's 2007 [Another] Hole In The Head continues at the Roxie in San Francisco. I've been fortunate enough this year to have access to previews of nearly the entire festival (since I'm in Atlanta, now), and I'll be posting 'previews' two days in advance of each day's screenings. Woo hoo!

Well, here is a bit of short notice for a short subject, as it is the only NEW part of Wednesday night's (aka Day 6) schedule that I've seen.

Screening at 7:15 pm is "Small Town Folk", which I LOVED!!

Screening at 9:30 is "Special", which I have not seen. However, the short subject preceding it is "Grace" (w/Special) (dir. Paul Solet, 2006, US, 6 mins.), which it was my pleasure to get to see, via screener. Though it obviously plays like a 'sneak peek' of a hoped-to-be feature, it is effectively gruesome, nonetheless! The editing is nearly a visual machine gun at the climax and the final image is disturbing. Director Paul Solet packs quite a punch in only 6 minutes! One almost wishes he would leave it alone and not add another 80 minutes to it... ;)

Maxxxxx says
re "Grace": "Sweet, sweet eye juice!"

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