Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hole In The Head 2007 - Day 7 (Preview)

SFIndieFest's 2007 [Another] Hole In The Head continues at the Roxie in San Francisco. I've been fortunate enough this year to have access to previews of nearly the entire festival (since I'm in Atlanta, now), and I'll be posting 'previews' two days in advance of each day's screenings. Woo hoo!

Hole In The Head Day 7 (Thursday) is another evening of encores. The GOOD news is that I Liked and LOVED them!

I LIKED "...the nightmarish and hideous visuals..." of "ID" (Ido) (dir. Kei Fujiwara, Japan, 2005, 104 mins.). It runs at 7:15 pm, which is still NOT the prime cult-flick time that it begs for!

Then, at 9:30 pm is "BLOOD CAR", which is a MUST SEE!!!

Tomorrow: MORE encores...

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