Friday, November 30, 2007

TLA Releasing: "Naked Boys Singing" and "Socket"

TLA Releasing has a couple fun flicks in their pipeline. First, coming out on DVD this Tuesday from TLA Releasing is a nifty stocking stuffer, all puns intended!

NAKED BOYS SINGING (dirs. Robert Schrock, Troy Christian, USA, 2007, 83 mins.) This is something of a video record of the little revue that has played Off-broadway for ten years. However, note that this is NOT a recording of THAT production, but a staging specifically for this film. That will probably matter only to the purists or to those wanting a 'souvenir' of the production, as the piece itself is not exactly "Les Miserables", but a nice, fluffy bit of "gratuitous nudity" (as the opening number doesn't hesitate to proclaim). There are nearly a dozen writers credited, including Bruce Vilanche, who apparently all contributed to the lyrics. I thought perhaps a skit or dialog had been cut, but the film actually runs LONGER than the play does! However, since it is a revue, there is room for material to have been added and cut during its ten year run. (I have not seen a stage production, by the way.) The songs run from fun-and-campy to cabaret-like sobering, with some piano bar show tunes in the mix. Some pieces such as "The Bliss of a Bris" and "Perky Little Porn Star" are a delight! However, it is when it tries to take itself seriously that the piece lags. Though far from a musicalized "Puppetry of the Penis", it does try to transcend its basic premise: 10 naked guys trying to make you smile! It is not unlike a gay "Oh! Calcutta!", though the creators would like to think otherwise. The cast is exceptionally likable and display a professional level of talent that might be unexpected given the exploitative nature of the piece. The original creator and director, Robert Schrock appears to have guided the cast, though co-director and choreographer Troy Christian is responsible for its transition to film.

The film was shot digitally and, due to the musical nature, the sound is nearly completely synced, which is more than noticeable at times. Since it is a live performance, one would have hoped for more of a live recording, sound-wise. However, since there is limited (if any!) body mic possibilities, there was the necessity of looping nearly the entire film, which slightly takes away from the performance aspect.

The DVD comes with a "making of..." that is nearly as long as the feature! It is an exceptionally thorough featurette, including some behind the scenes drama with the cast - always appreciated! Other extras on the disc include the trailer as well as trailers for other TLA Releasing releases. There is also an odd little video montage from "Justus Boyz", a clothing manufacturer that provided the undies for the production.

TLA Releasing has also announced the acquisition of "SOCKET" (dir. Sean Abley, US, 2007, 90 mins.), which I saw earlier this year at Gaylaxicon 07. It was an unannounced, last minute, midnight presentation, which was thoroughly enjoyed. Abley cast a hunky and appealing couple of guys who dramatize a sci-fi version of sexual and chemical addiction. A group of electrocution survivors gather to 'get off' on re-electrocuting themselves, more or less. Yes, that is over-simplified, but the performances and editing are well above the standard, as far as gay schockers go! (Ha! Get it?! hee hee hee...) I'm excited to see it again, and NOT at midnight, this time... It releases in March, as the accompanying press release details:

(Philadelphia PA / London, UK, November 5, 2007) TLA Releasing has secured non-theatrical, home video, VOD rights for North America and United Kingdom to SOCKET (2007, U.S.) written and directed by Sean Abley. The film will be released on DVD March 25, 2008 in North America and the summer of 2008 in the United Kingdom, through the TLA Releasing label.

TLA acquired the film from Los Angeles based production company, Velvet Candy Entertainment; TLA Releasing was represented by TLA partner and Director of Acquisitions Richard A. Wolff and the deal was negotiated by writer, director, producer Sean Abley and producers John Carrozza and Doug Prinzivalli of Velvet Candy Entertainment. The deal was finalized at 2007 AFM.

“SOCKET contains elements of sci-fi and horror wrapped up in an unconventional gay romance.” Said Richard Wolff of TLA Releasing. “Production company Velvet Candy Entertainment has some exciting projects in the pipeline and their first project is an accessible, entertaining blend of sexy chills and thrills.”

In SOCKET, surgeon Bill Matthews (Derek Long) is recovering in the hospital where he works, after being struck by lightning on the beach. His intern is the mysterious and sexy Craig Murphy (Matthew Montgomery of Gone but not Forgotten), who has been struck by lightening too. As Bill is released from the hospital, Craig slips him a card inviting him to a meeting of “people just like us.”

Intrigued by this “group,” Bill gets up the courage to attend and find other survivors who have been electrocuted in massively creative ways. But as the doctor discovers, the members are hooking themselves up in order to get off. And not only does Bill become hooked to the “juice,” his relationship with Craig really sparks, leaving a trail of dead bodies and blood in its wake.

"When we started working on SOCKET just over a year ago, we would say to each other 'Wouldn't it be great if TLA picked up our film?' said writer/director/co-producer Sean Abley. “And now here we are working with TLA on the first of, hopefully, many more films to come. We're thrilled to say the least."

For additional information about SOCKET visit and

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Jay, I love your comments on movies and the MS web site! I just wanted to point out that Sacha Baron Cohen's last name is actually Baron Cohen, a double name like A. Lloyd Weber, R. Vaughn Williams, etc. The Baron Cohen family is quite a prominent and well-to-do British family.

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