Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ASIFA Annual Meeting

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The Atlanta Chapter of Association International du Film d'Animation, aka ASIFA-Atlanta, held its annual meeting in Atlanta on February 12, 2008. Most of the officers of the Chapter and a couple dozen members were present for "the opportunity to fill holes with new blood" according to outgoing president, Joe Peery. As he proceeded through a list of positions and committees, discussion prompted a review of the past year, as well as pointed out goals for the group.

ASIFA Chapters are eligible for non-profit status. However, each chapter is a separate entity, so it is up to the individual chapters to pursue this. "Our effort towards non-profit status has fizzled" said Peery. However, by the end of the evening, it was decided not to forgo that goal and they would be taking another go at it. There was an update from webmaster Jennifer Barclay about plans to update the ASIFA-Atlanta website ( to provide a way of attaining membership (currently membership is processed via a printed form and USPS).

The success of the Chapter's participation in International Animation Day held last October 29 was discussed. The Chapter sponsors a "Roll Yer Own" program of shorts featuring work from the membership.
This program was submitted to the other chapters of ASIFA for inclusion in their International Animation Day screening and the group was pleased to have had their work seen all over the world. Future screening events were discussed. The next screening event will be Tuesday, February 19, with a program of WWII shorts, all in 16mm, and curated by C. Martin Croker. The screening will be at the Plaza Theatre on Ponce de Leon Street.

For the final portion of the meeting, the membership acted as a caucus to establish the officers for 2008, as well as filling committees. Brett Thompson was selected as President, and he will be closely assisted by Joe Peery, who continues to represent ASIFA-Atlanta on the International Board. Vella Torres, who was unable to attend, will continue in her position as Secretary, though she announced plans that she would not be able to finish her term. She will receive significant support until that time and a successor is announced. Joe Kubesheski will continue as Treasurer. Positions on the various committees were filled by the membership that was present.

More information, as well as membership, can be obtained at the ASIFA-Atlanta website:".

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