Friday, May 16, 2008

TLA Releasing: STORM

The latest DVD release from TLA Releasing ,as part of the "Danger After Dark" line, STORM (dirs. Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein, Sweden, 2005, 110 mins.), is an exceptionally designed and photographed psychological thriller of a man faced to deal with his own repressed memories. The screenplay is a bit difficult to literally follow, and it does liberally leave plot holes. However, the primary effect on the main character, an emotionally and physically numbed slacker, played by Eric Ericson, as he travels through his memories to unwittingly solve the source of his desensitivity, is beautifully done! The coordination of cinematography, production design and special effects transforms the 'real world' into a dreamscape. It is a visual feast, even if the majority of it is frozen in Swedish fog!

I think this film plays better to the "Donnie Darko" fandom, than to "The Matrix" audience that it seems to be marketed towards. The screenplay doesn't successfully merge the external and internal worlds that are fighting for our hero's will. The actual action is more psychological than physical, even if the female protagonist is given a couple 'Matrix-like' fight scenes. The inclusion of otherworldly influences, in the form of assumable comic book characters, is not so clearly spelled out or explained, and any potential theories are thrown a large wrench by the final moment.

In short, this would be a great viewing late at night when you don't want to think too hard, while watching someone struggle with the surrealism of emotional memory.

The DVD is a bit bare bones and includes Swedish and English soundtracks and English subtitles, plus a selection of TLA Releasing previews. The street date is May 26th, at $19.00 SRP.

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