Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Clinton Exit

12:49 PM, EDT
Hillary Clinton ascends the stage for a fairly inauspicious opening...

argh. She's worth $110 Million, but she is thankful about taking money from kids and the elderly?
GAWD!!! Those 90 year old women?!!! Let! Them! GO!!

18 Million, again, but at least she is letting go of the "majority" argument, and this time, carefully including EVERYBODY.

12:51 and the woman is exuding anti-charm.
12:54 The Official Endorsement and finally, a Congratulations, that was 16 months in coming!

Restating her commitment to healthcare.
She has 40 years of experience, now. Hm. There have only been two Dem presidents in 40 years? Since 1968? I didn't realize that... Carter and Clinton, huh!

1:01 She adopts "Yes We Can!" for Universal Healthcare. Points towards a single issue. UHC as the basis of economic policy. She's starting to get a bit strident, here... "...we must help to elect Barack Obama our President!"

I don't think she has slept much. She looks tired...

1:03 The Feminist Question and The Racial Question. Walking the tightrope here... Now, as she refocuses the moment on herself, she perks up! "If we can blast 50 women into space, we can launch a woman to the White House!" Good line. She seems to think this is a result of sexist politics?!

1:11 "...what if? Don't go there!" Nice, genuine moment.

1:15 "...What I was doing long before the cameras showed up..."?? But they've always been on her!

1:16 Nice rousing finish.

Note: None of that weird, clap-and-point thing from her!

The CNN Talking Heads, aka John King, thinks this is an "audition for being placed on the ticket". I don't think so...

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