Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frameline 32 - Day 1 Preview

Frameline 32 (aka the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival) opens Thursday, June 19, with a fun sounding flick and party! The Opening Night festivities should be emotionally charged as this will be a farewell to long time executive co-director, Michael Lumpkin.

[Due to the generosity of Frameline (namely Laura McGinnis) and Larsen Associates (thank you, Karen and Chris!), I am able to "virtually" attend via screeners! I have also been fortunate that living in Atlanta has allowed me to see a few of the entries at the festivals down here.]

The opening night film, AFFINITY (dir. Tim Fywell, USA, 2008, 94 mins.), was unavailable for preview (though it is available on R2 video in the UK), but it sounds like it should be a hoot and a good way to get the crowd into a party mood. The Opening Night Gala will be held at Ten15 Folsom, which has undergone some remodeling since I left San Francisco. However, from the list of party sponsors (Asqew Grill, Blowfish Sushi, Brenda's French Soul Food, Delessio, The Front Porch, Hugh Groman Catering, Small Potatoes Catering, ABSOLUT Vodka, Barefoot Wine, Owater, Blueprint Studios, Out of Thyme Catering & Event Design, 1015 Folsom, Atmosphere Lighting) it sounds as if it will be a great party! And with Macy's as the "Gala Presenting Partner" maybe there'll be gift bags this year???

For those die hard cinema addicts who will forgo the party and stay for the second feature of the night, I would encourage them to GO PARTY! As far as counter-programming against the Opening Night Gala festivities, there is NOTHING to miss if you plan on going to the Party!

UNSPOKEN PASSION (Sikil) (dir. Roni Bertubin, Philippines, 2007, 109 Mins.) promises to be a wet a steamy tale of debauchery in the Philippines. However, it is more muddy than steamy. I shall be brief, as I don't want to start the week on a bad note. However, this is a pedestrian attempt, at best, and pretty amateurish at worst. The pacing is slow, if not stumbling. The performances are soap operatic, at best. The "unspoken passion" referred to in the title is not even really acted upon, either. The promised sensuality is only teased at and staged as if videotaped for a low budget made-for-Lifetime Movie. It will probably fare better on home video, as one will be able to chapter skip and ogle, if you are into hunky Philippino male strippers, but PG-13 rated strippers, at that.

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re UNSPOKEN PASSION: "Is it bedtime?"

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