Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Posting about Politics

McCain is really old. He has beady, little white mouse eyes.
Speaking style = comatose
He smiles like the Cryptkeeper!
HA!!! Even CNN got bored and cut away from McCain's speech!

9:26 PM: SHE approaches... But first:

CNN is all over how pathetic McCain's speech was tonight! oh yesssss...
Even the Republican talking heads are "Well, it could have had more punch."
Carville: "McCain was the youngest person in the room!" SNARK!

McCain's new motto: "A Leader You Can Believe In" - CNN, "He has just let Obama set the tone!"

9:33 PM
Doing her point and smile thing. So strange.

She actually congratulates Obama for everything BUT gaining the nomination.
She doesn't believe a word she is saying.
(I'd have some pity for her tonight, except that this has been a LONG TIME COMING!)

Hm. She is not going to give in. "We won 270 electoral votes!"
If she's not taking this to Denver, she is certainly going to spend the next few weeks trying to flip the Super Ds.

"I will keep working for you, everyday." So, don't cry for me, Argentina.
"What does Hillary want?" Answer: For ME to be President. ohmigawd. She IS going to take this to Denver!!

Is it 17 million or 18 million? HMMM, Hillary?!

"Old women love me!"

She's going into a 9/11 reference? Why? She is SO Republican-lite!

9:55 PM EDT - She's done. Fabulous poise, though.
Love the suit.
Andrew Sullivan says it best HERE!

10:00 PM EDT - CNN fills time... yawn...

"If I were Barack Obama and heard that speech, I would NOT be happy right now!" - CNN
James Carville = Cryptkeeper II

Oooo... CNN's panel is all RILED up after HRC! A 180 degree from the McCain reaction.

10:07 PM EDT Obama approaches:

20,000 people. He is a rock star!
Speaking in the round, as it were.

He's shouting. But at least he is not comatose.
Thank gawd he's wearing the "lapel pin"! That's one obstacle down!
Off blue tie, though... Hmmm...

"Accepts" the nomination and the place just BLOWS UP!
Gracious referral to Hillary Clinton. He's so GOOD at this!
He's sort of giving a eulogy for her, but still, MILES above what she did (NOT!) do for him!

He gives the most empowering speeches: "You didn't come out to vote for me, but for yourselves [paraphrased]!"

Slamming McCain for a bit now. Oh, it's just too easy...
Good soundbite: "We must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless going in."

Laying out his stump speech, basically. Nothing terribly news breaking.

Oooo! Good "Maybe if [McCain] went to [the U.S.]..." section, in rebuttal to the "Obama hasn't been to Iraq" quandry.

20,000 people raising fists and shouting is sort of scary, though. Thank gawd, they're on MY side!

Speaking for the party re political ethics. Hm.
(He better not have Hillary on the ticket if he expects a clean campaign! *snap!*)

Doing the historical reference part of the speech. Always nice to link oneself to "the heritage", as it were.

The "Our Time!" section is working the crowd into a frenzy, and yet he builds with the "This was the moment!" section.

He's good.

10:39 PM EDT He exits to ENORMOUS applause! Well, there ARE 20,000 of them!
AH!! You could see him mouth to Michelle, "Did I do ok?" Awwww...

10:42 PM EDT
CNN Republican talking head: "It is unfortunate that the first real campaign speech from McCain is up against the best speaker in American politics since Reagan and Lincoln."

Commercial breaks... yawn...
Anderson Cooper: "You couldn't get three more distinct speeches..."

Going into Talking Heads Land, now...

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