Monday, June 02, 2008

Sex and the City and the Movie

SEX AND THE CITY (dir. Michael Patrick King, US, 2008, 145 mins.) I will be brief, as there is all so much out there about this already. I really LIKED it. I didn't mind how long it was. However, I found it to be but a remake of THE WOMEN, including the fashion show, but, instead of escaping to Reno, they went to Mexico, and we do get to have a male, full frontal nude! The publicized appearance of PROJECT RUNWAY's Jack Mackintosh was anti-climatic, especially if you blinked. (Oh, he was NOT the full frontal nude, by the way.) As far as the rumors of cast feuds, if anyone has anything to gripe about, it would be Kristin Davis, who is nearly an after thought.

I'll probably get the dvd once it is out, just to complete the SATC shelf.

Maxxxxx says
re SEX AND THE CITY: "Time for shower!"

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Heidi said...

So I went with a whole bunch of people, some couples even. The men enjoyed it, they laughed hard, one even loved it....two of them women sobbed numerous times and I watched fairly detached with a smile of amusement at times, loving the clothes, thinking Carrie's legs are hot and she is taut but damn does she need to get that mole removed.