Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 2

Jay thinks Suede should shut up. Jay will slap Suede if Suede continues to refer to Suede in the third person. Suede and Orange Boy (Blayne?) should be left in a subway, somewhere.

The herd needs to be thinned...

It seems to be about personalities this season and not clothes, i.e. the DULLEST person was auf'ed. In fact, when they first showed him, I didn't know who it was. There is still one woman on there that I was surprised to see, as I didn't think she had been on either. Hers was the FLOWING dress, which we saw nothing of her or her preparation.

This weeks lesson: Don't put fins on your ass. You'll look like an old Chrysler.

Maxxxxx says
re Suede: "SHUDDUP!!" (again!)

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