Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Hole In The Head, 2009 - Day 5

Another Hole In The Head, two weeks of sci-fi, horror and fantasy, runs June 5th through June 18th, with screenings at the Roxie Film Center, 3117 16th Street (at Valencia) and live performances and events at CellSpace (2050 Bryant) and Great Star Theater (630 Jackson). Tickets and additional info at WWW.SFINDIE.COM.

Another Hole In The Head launches Day 5, Tuesday, June 9th, with an encore screening of SEX GALAXY, which I would recommend skipping past, if to rest up for a fabulous Takashi Miike double feature! It begins with an encore screening of CROWS: EPISODE ZERO, before the festival premiere of the day.

DETECTIVE STORY (dir. Takashi Miike, Japan, 2007, 99 mins.) is the more typical Takashi Miike film that I am familiar with. It's creepy, bloody and comical. When Miike is being humorous, he can draft characters that possess a comic quirkiness that is endearing within the confines of the unsettling plot he weaves. Here we have two men, who are neighbors and coincidentally share the same names. One is a simple office worker who is drawn into the bloody mystery that the other, a detective, is attempting to solve. Women that the detective is in contact with are being murdered and different organs are being removed. Now, how the plot weaves an imprisoned and hooded psychopath, and an avant-garde artist who paints in blood, into the story is pure Miike. One does need to suspend a certain amount of belief when in the midst of one of his films and just give yourself over to his masterful pacing and always polished, if not inspired, visuals. Paired with CROWS: EPISODE ZERO, the evening is a display of Takashi Miike's near Mozartean prolificacy and versatility.

Maxxxxx says
re DETECTIVE STORY: "Sweet, sweet eye juice!"

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