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Frameline 33 (SF LGBT Film Festival, 2009) - Global Queers

Frameline33: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, the world’s premiere showcase for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender cinema, runs June 18-28, 2009, with screenings in San Francisco at the historic Castro Theatre, Roxie Theater and the Victoria Theatre, and in Berkeley at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood. Tickets are available via the website 24 hours a day, via fax, or in person at the Frameline Festival Box Office Counter.

This is a collection of four documentaries concerning the gay rights movement around the world, and it is always one of my annual highlights of the festival. The documentaries are produced and edited in "classic" documentary form. These are not op-eds or docu-dramas, but objective observations of the lives and struggles of LGBT citizens, in exceptionally culturally "conservative" countries, that the general American public may not be aware of. Other than what the Frameline Catalog synopsis provides, the only other comment I can offer this worthwhile program is that QUEER SARAJEVO FESTIVAL 2008 does bear some similarities to JERUSALEM IS PROUD TO PRESENT.... What may make the Sarajevo documentary stand out to a festival audience is the inclusion of the struggles involved in screening John Greyson's LILIES.

The program screens once: Wednesday, June 24, 2:15 PM at the Castro Theatre. The films are listed in order as presented via screener and subject to change, and include (and quoting from the Frameline catalog):

PECAH LOBANG (BUSTED) Dir. Poh Si Teng, Malaysia, 2008, 30 min.) Shot in the Kuala Lumpur red light district, this documentary revolves around Natasha, a Muslim Mak Nyah (male to female transsexual) who refuses to live life as a man in Malaysia.

WELCOME TO MY QUEER BOOKSTORE (dir. Larry Tung, Taiwan, 2009, 19 min.) Located in Taipei, Taiwan, Gin Gin’s Bookstore is the only bookstore dedicated to the LGBT community in the Chinese-speaking world. The director explores the lawsuits and the discussion this iconic space has ignited, as well as its place in gay culture: hosting public forums, book signing and promotional activities for gay films and television shows.

QUEER SARAJEVO FESTIVAL 2008 (dirs. Cazim Dervisevic, Masa Hilcisin, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2008, 30 min.) The first Sarajevo Queer Festival took place in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 24 to 26 September, 2008. Threats had been made during the run-up to the event and, at the event’s opening, there were indeed attacks on both the festival’s organizers and those taking part.

KRUDAS (dir. Opie Boero-Imwinkelried, Cuba, 2006, 29 min.) Krudas explores the lives and work of a Cuban lesbian couple who are hip hop singers and performers. The duo addresses issues such as women’s liberation, lesbian rights, female solidarity and racism. Their work is deeply engaged with feminism and strong ties to their African roots.

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