Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thundercrack! SPOILER: A Monologue for Gert

[Starting immediately after maniacal laughter]

Gert: He who does not exist. I told a lie, a little white lie! You see, he does exist, behind this door, but not out here in the world of sanity. God has no mercy. You see what he's done to my son. Gerald had gone to Borneo to collect some erotic artifacts, that was all. A harmless excursion into the steaming tropics in the name of art. But he was smitten with a violent, swelling, tropical disorder - a malignancy of glandular grotesqueness that struck at the very root of his manhood. You see him now at the pinnacle of his disorder, repulsive to both man and woman alike. And what is more important, repulsive to himself. So self-revolting his mind became unbalanced, knowing that the one thing that made his life worth living was being crushed by the weight of his own testicles. For his safety, and mine, and for the safety of Beulah and Pinky, I had to lock him up behind this door. The weight of that malignancy on our fragile bodies would crush the very life out of us. You two will be fine. You'll survive. You'll give Gerald a taste of the sweetness he wanted his whole life. You'll survive. And I pity you.

[Maniacal laughter swells.]

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