Friday, August 01, 2008

Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 3

It has taken Jay, er, ME, a day to shake off Suede. I am at a loss at expressing just how much loathing I hold for someone that I have seen only a few minutes of, on television. Just his appearance on my screen makes me twitch and shudder, much less watching him blow two-handed air kisses and refer to himself in the third person - which I might add, he isn't even consistent about! Unfortunately, his clothing is acceptable.

Orange Freak, aka Bryce, is a meth queen. The glazed look in his eyes, the receding gum line, the insistence on artificial color, all lead me to believe that he is a speed freak and we should see him start to really freak out when withdrawal (assuming he is clean on set) kicks in.

Wynona Ryder, aka Emily, was sort of a surprise auf'ing! The other one (name??) is so D U L L that I could feel an off-screen producer jumping up and down at the idea of dropping her. Plus the DULL One's "clock dress"?? Yawn...

Now, on to the REAL designers...

I am a little taken aback by the choice of fabric from Kenley, aka the lawn chair with the taffeta lining. However, it had a silhouette and the construction looked solid. I am OK with her for the win.

I LOVED the "graffiti dress" by Terri! I understand some of the design criticism of the long sleeves paired with pants, but I still loved it.

The separates, aka "tree grate dress" were nice, though I think that it lost something over the airwaves.

I'm sort of loving Daniel over all. His work was a bit forgettable this week (the single shoulder grey satin-ish tdress), however, I'd rather live with that than SUEDE!

Gay Mormon Keith thinks he is an artist. He is not. As an artist, the shape should be the first thing he is thinking of. And that scrap-dress had absolutely no shape.

The rest of 'em?? There remains some thinning of the herd, though I vote for keeping Ms. Leatha' for entertainment value. Plus SUEDE hates it when she is hammering!

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