Friday, October 30, 2009


As I have a certain penchant for the campy and psychedelic, I have been approached by the Seventh Annual 3rd I San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival to co-present QUICK GUN MURUGUN (dir. Shashanka Ghosh, India, 2009, 97 mins.). Though I am indeed flattered, I have to say, that this film pushes even MY boundaries! Within the first two minutes, our hero is killed and goes to 'heaven' to be reincarnated. Or perhaps he is just sent back to fulfill his destiny as a vegetarian cowboy and defeat the evil Rice Plate Reddy and his chain of McDosa restaurants. I'm not totally assured, as our hero leaps through time and realities in his quest for vegetarian domination!

And he does it wearing green silk!

There are, of course, songs to the spirit of his lover, who appears to be captured in a locket he wears, yet is able to join mystically at the most opportune moments. These 'moments' go beyond Ken Russell self indulgence, past music video surrealism and, basically, tread into what I can only imagine to be LSD inspired lunacy!

Now, there is a great deal of cultural and religious iconography that I don't have the background or education to follow, quite frankly. So, it was just a matter of sitting back and letting the day-glo sequences burst into song and ride along! It is in Tamil and English and the flipping between languages only adds to the surreal and alien experience. And to be quite frank, since it is screening at 1130 PM at the Roxie, I would head on in to the theater, "adjusted" for the cinematic trip to commence!

Enjoy and "Mind it!" Friday, November 6, 11:20pm, at the Roxie Theatre, 3117 16th Street, San Francisco! Advanced sale tickets HERE!

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