Friday, May 06, 2005

48th SF Intl Film Festival - The Awards

Well, needless to say, it is another year where I didn't see most of the winners. I just don't understand that! Anyway...

Skyy Prize ($10K) for Best First Feature: "Me and You and Everyone We Know" Idir. Miranda July, USA)
Fipresci Jury Award (Best International Feature): "Private" (dir. Saverio Costanzo, Italy)

Virgin Megastore Audience Awards
Best Narrative Feature: "Me and You and Everyone We Know" (Dir. Miranda July, USA); honorable mentions: "Brothers" and "Take My Eyes" (I saw that one!)
Best Documentary Feature: "Pursuit of Equality" (dirs. Geoff Callan and Mike Shaw) This was the SF Gay Marriage doc, shown ONCE at the Castro and directed by Mayor Newsom's brother in law. It's spelt like this:
b a l l o t s t u f f i n g. Honorable mentions: "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" (I saw that!) and "Murderball" (that one too, and it was GREAT!)

Golden Gate Awards, and these read like Emmys with so many categories:
Best Documentary Feature: "Czech Dream" (saw it!)
Bay Area Documentary Feature: "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" (saw it!)
Documentary Short: "The Ecstatic" (saw it! INTENSE)
Bay Area Documentary Short: "The Life of Kevin Carter" (never heard of it)
New Visions Award (experimentals): "Phantom Foreign Vienna" (missed it! damn!)
Best Narrative Short: "Twilight" (saw it but don't remember it...)
Bay Area Non-Documentary Short: "Torchlight Tango" (saw it. eh. ok)
Best Animated Short: "Ryan" (saw it! It won the Oscar too, so who is to dispute that?)
Youth Works: "Intertia" (missed it)
Work for Kids and Familes: "A Slippery Tale" (Hmmm. Odd. I thought it was the weakest one in the program, but oh well...)
Best Television Documentary Feature: "Off to War" (nope)
Best Television Documentary Short: "Facing the Dead" (which I think played with "Off to War" but.. I didn't see either of them.)
Best Television Narrative Feature: "Tempus Fugit" (LOVED IT!!)
Best Television Narrative Short: "The Newsroom, Season 3: Baghdad Bound" (LOVED IT!! It played along with "Tempus Fugit")

Here's a link to the official press release and recap:
San Francisco Film Society

All done! Woo hoo!!

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