Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where's Gilligan?

[May. 26th, 2005|08:49 am]
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I don't know who or what is exactly responsible, but I must give credit to the producers of "Lost" for keeping me as involved as they do, considering how annoying the cast of characters (with MAYBE 3 exceptions) are. In watching the season finale, I was actually hoping for deaths! The one absolute death (Arnst) that occurred was more than deserved, considering that he was only on two episodes. However, I have a LIST of characters that deserve to be bitch-slapped! I also fear that one of the three characters that I can tolerate (Locke) seems about to cross over into faith-based Red State Territory, as he began his 'man of science vs. man of destiny/faith' argument with the ever obnoxious Jack (who is on the TOP of my list of those to be bitch-slapped!). I also wish that Merry-on-Heroin-Boy dies an exceptionally violent death at some point in the series. He is playing the 'obsessive-compulsive-addictive' personality quite well. However he is just simply too annoying and must be destroyed, along with his "A [dingo, woman, The Others, etc.] took my bay-bay!" girlfriend. Neither of them served any dramatic purpose, except to get others into trouble with her baby bait. But now that we have had the kidnapping of Walt by the Gorton Fishermen, let's get rid of the happy couple, shall we?

Also, the kidnapping of Walt was a cool cliffhanger for the season and should have been left for the climax, as opposed to staring down into The Hatch Which Leads to the X-Files! However, should we find a naked and shivering David Duchovny at the bottom of it next season, all will be forgiven.

The List of Those to Be Bitch-Slapped:

Jack, Merry-Boy-On-Heroin and his Girlfriend, Shannon, Claire and maybe Sayid, but only if he does not finally do the bitchslapping of everyone ahead of him on the list.

The List of Those Who Should Have a Spin-Off Series:

Hurley, the Three Guys on the Raft, Sun and Vincent

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