Friday, July 15, 2005

A Summer Viewing List, so far...

[Jul. 15th, 2005|11:19 pm]

The March of the Penguins!! GORGEOUS!!! I hate it when critics use these words, but they apply to "March of the Penguins": Stunning!! Gorgeous!! Awestruck!! I. Love. This. Movie!!

The Aristocrats Filthy, but VERY, VERY Funny!! VERY FILTHY!! I mean, we're talking NC-17 doesn't really do it justice. I'm surprised the MPAA gave it a rating at all! It is ALL language, but... Wow! With somewhere between 80-100 participants, there are GREAT sections and yawners. But it's worth it for the GREAT sections!

Crimen Ferpecto (The Ferpect Crime) (No, that is NOT a typo) Excellent farce from Spain. Almost Almodovar-esque!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory See it in IMAX! It's HUGE and GLORIOUS to look at! However, it does seem to have lost some of the heart that worked into the previous incarnation. Tim Burton has pushed Depp so HARD, that he doesn't have the pathos and nuance that Wilder brought to it. So, Burton devised a back-story, in a series of flashbacks, that felt intrusive. At least to me. Still, it's worth the bucks!

More on Monday, I think...

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