Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005: Gone! 2006: Coming!

So, instead of dwelling on the past, since "Best Of"s also entails remembering the "Worst Of"s, I choose to look forward to what 2006 might bring me, or what I will bring to it.

1) Atlanta beckons.
2) As well as a dog named Humphrey Bonegart. Atlanta will probably always have homes to buy! Humphrey Bonegart will probably, or I should say, hopefully be adopted soon.

3) Until such a time that a dog adoption is possible for me, I will volunteer at San Francisco's Animal Care and Control.
4) Swimming lessons. To prepare for...
5) A dream vacation to Hawaii with my friend Gretchen.
6) A weekend in Las Vegas with my friend Stephen (aka Maestas).
7) 'Softer' shock absorbers for my Mini.
8) Film festivals!
9) Perhaps a 'special friend' will become something 'more.' (no pic!)
10) No more surgery. Easier chemo, instead.

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