Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Atlanta Gay Day 2007

I am NOT a photographer, nor a reporter, but I thought I would post just a few shots-and-thoughts to give a general impression of what Atlanta's Pride Parade was like. (Clicking on the pic will give you a full-size shot.)

It is much smaller in scope compared to San Francisco. However, what it lacks in size it makes up for in spirit! San Francisco doesn't have as many (if ANY!) Bible carrying (counter) protesters, shouting at the crowd with bullhorns, who happen to have their OWN bullhorns to shout back with! That was fun!

Since it was 128 degrees out (or at least on the pavement!), there was a noticeable lack of overdressed drag queens.
But there were enough to add a pinch of flavor, if not Southern glamor to the event.

And water gun carrying paraders were always cheered on!

By the time that my friend Chip and a gaggle of gay Episcopalians marched by, the batteries in my camera were DEAD. :( (Sorry, Chip!) They were all covered in blue, sort of like the 'gay dads' group, so you can sort of PRETEND you see Chip in this crowd!

Oh! And it appears that owning a Saturn Sky is IN! I hope they don't become the next Miata. I'll have to trade my [white] Sky in for something else, when that happens.

Amongst the other 'corporate sponsors' was a small contingent from Bank of America. (No, I didn't recognize any of them.)
And there was the usual collection of twinks and bears...

After waiting 45 minutes for the parade to come by my corner (11th and Piedmont), I could only make it through 45 minutes of what promised to be a 90 minute parade. After the Lady Chablis and Leslie Jordan zoomed by, I figured I'd had enough and had to make my way to the nearest Starbucks for a frappo!

Yeah, I was a real Gay Day Party Monster this year.

Perhaps I'll be back having cocktails on top of the Castro Theatre marquee next year...?! (Well, actually, now that I think about it, Friday night was quite a 'party' at our place, in itself! But I'm saving those details for The Book!)

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