Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hole In The Head 2007 - Day 14 aka Closing Night (Preview)

SFIndieFest's 2007 [Another] Hole In The Head continues at the Roxie in San Francisco. I've been fortunate enough this year to have access to previews of nearly the entire festival (since I'm in Atlanta, now), and I'll be posting 'previews' two days in advance of each day's screenings. Woo hoo!

For Closing Night of SF IndieFest's Hole in the Head (2007) presents "Unearthed" (dir. Matthew Leutwyler, USA, 2006, 90 mins.), which is possibly the best performed (given the script) and technically most impressive of the features screened during the past two weeks. It's the classic tale of an alien beastie that may or may not have been released from a prehistoric trap to feed upon the modern day descendants that it is so hungry for. Director Matthew Leutwyler teases us with the appearance of the beastie, in a near homage to "Alien". Once it is in full view, it is something to behold! The effects throughout the film are really quite well done. Some of the stunt work is amazing! The performances are all quite credible, given the limitations of being in a beastie-flick. The cast is not given great amounts to chew upon, i.e. "Jerome Bixby's Man From Earth", however Emmanuelle Vaugier and Tonantzin Carmelo, as the heroine duo, do exceptionally well, considering the leaps in logic that they are asked to perform within the story. But the script is a minor distraction from the taut pacing and visual intensity of the beastie-gore that is on the screen! For an indie horror flick, it packs a really good wallop!

Maxxxxx says
re "Unearthed": "Sweet, sweet eye juice!"

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