Friday, November 30, 2007

Damage Done

DAMAGE DONE (dir. Roy Burdine, US, 2007) If you are feeling overwhelmed by holiday bliss, then here is the perfect antidote! "Damage Done" is unrelenting as it follows the tragic trajectory of a co-dependent relationship between two people attempting to save each other: one from the pain of his past and from the pain of her present. As emotionally bleak and painful as the story is, the film itself is stirringly shot and edited with a fabulous score by Force Theory and songs by Zachariah and the Lobos Riders. I don't know whether it was my need to look away from the 'car wreck', but I began to notice director Roy Burdine's excellent coverage and editing through out. The rapid cutting and spurning of continuity gives the film something of a dream (or nightmare?) quality. This exceptional technique helps make witnessing the personal implosions on screen a bit easier. Zach Selwyn delivers a WIDE character arc that descends into a relationship hole that isn't necessarily foretold when we first meet him. In fact, re-watching his entrance after he takes his last, tragic beat, is something of a revelation as to his performance. The object of his struggle is played by Bonnie Warner, whose character is something of a cipher, considering the amount of territory she is required to cover. In fact, it is the inclusion of all the various plot points (a gun, drugs, mothers...) that at one point confused me a bit, but at another, keeps the film from becoming dull and painful.

It is not an easy viewing. However, given the emergence of 'mumblecore' within the indie film market, DAMAGE DONE gives a good JOLT away from the navel gazing!

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re DAMAGE DONE: "Such a cranky bird!"

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