Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frameline 32 - Day 2 Preview

Frameline 32 (aka the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival) begins in full on Friday, June 20th. Unfortunately, for me, of the twelve programs screening that day, I have seen NONE of them! GASP!! I can speak to two of them, however.

As part of the celebration of Michael Lumpkin's work with Frameline, the first of the daily revival screenings begins with MALA NOCHE (dir. Gus Van Sant, US, 1985, 78 mins.). This is Gus Van Sant's first feature, which he presented in the Castro at the SF LGBT Film Festival in 1985. No, I have not seen it. However, it's reputation of being his "gayest" film precedes it. How it could be "gayer" than MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO is sort of beyond me. However, it could prove to be an exceptionally interesting screening, considering that his bio-pic of Harvey Milk just filmed in the Castro and is his next feature, due to release this fall.

The second film which I can give a blurb to is SATURN IN OPPOSITION (Saturno contro) (dir. Ferzan Ozpetek, Italy, 2007, 113 mins.). This was an exceptionally popular screening at this year's Atlanta Film Festival. There was moderate buzz coming into it, and a lot of excitement from those who saw it. Though it was overshadowed by the incredible XXY, which will screen later in this festival, SATURN IN OPPOSITION does come recommended by trusted parties here in Atlanta.

So, even though this is a slow start from my point of view, the preview for Saturday will include no less than FIVE features! In other words, MORE tomorrow...

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Sue Jean said...

Well, i saw mala noche at the castro -- whenever it opened a 100 years ago --- lots of homages (one pretty blatant from The Third Man). I liked it a lot -- actually much better (IMO) than some of his later films.

Saturn in Opposition I was at the press screening -- nice crowd pleaser -- I can't remember the plot line (looking at imdb) of his two earlier films (window opposite I THINK I saw but can't remember). Rather thin, but pretty to look at and somewhat enjoyable.

I have been contemplating buying the $35 day pass -- but the only one i REALLY want to see again (or first time) is Karmen Gai ...and will see the so asian/sou african (a brit filmmaker) since 3rdI is co-presenting .. will let you know on that one since i'll see it Friday ..